• Main Office: Sayyed Kasran, Tehsil Gujar Khan, District Rawalpindi, Pakistan

The Aziz Imdad Trust prioritizes monetary assistance for local communities with the goal of fostering sustainable development and alleviating poverty. This assistance encompasses a range of financial support mechanisms tailored to address the specific needs of the communities they serve. Here are some key priorities and initiatives under their monetary assistance programs:

Microfinance and Small Loans: The Trust provides small loans to individuals and small businesses to encourage entrepreneurship and economic self-sufficiency. These loans are designed to help recipients start or expand their businesses, thereby creating jobs and boosting local economies.

Educational Scholarships and Grants: Recognizing education as a cornerstone of development, the Trust offers scholarships and grants to students from underprivileged backgrounds. This financial support helps cover tuition fees, school supplies, and other educational expenses, enabling students to pursue their studies without financial burden.

Healthcare Funding: The Trust allocates funds to improve access to healthcare services in local communities. This includes supporting medical clinics, funding for essential medicines, and financial assistance for individuals who cannot afford medical treatments.

Emergency Relief and Disaster Assistance: In times of natural disasters or emergencies, the Aziz Imdad Trust provides immediate financial assistance to affected communities. This support helps cover the costs of emergency supplies, temporary shelters, and other urgent needs to aid in swift recovery.

Community Development Projects: The Trust invests in infrastructure and community projects that enhance the quality of life. This includes funding for clean water projects, sanitation facilities, community centers, and other essential infrastructure.

Support for Vulnerable Groups: Special focus is given to the most vulnerable segments of the population, including women, children, the elderly, and people with disabilities. Financial assistance programs are tailored to address the unique challenges faced by these groups, ensuring inclusive development.


Through these initiatives, the Aziz Imdad Trust aims to create a sustainable impact, fostering economic stability, improving living conditions, and empowering individuals within local communities. The emphasis on monetary assistance underscores their commitment to addressing the root causes of poverty and promoting long-term development.